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Chapter 7. HotBot > Searching with HotBot

Searching with HotBot

Having covered the basic elements of the HotBot home page, let's do some actual searching and see how HotBot presents the results.

To enter a HotBot query:

Go to the HotBot home page (www.hotbot.com) and type several unique keywords, a phrase in quotes, or a combination of words and phrases in the search form (Figure 7.16). You can use plus and minus signs to require (+) and exclude (-) search terms, although plus signs aren't really necessary if you leave the Look For menu set to all the words.

Figure 7.16. Type this query and by default HotBot will look for all the words, even though you haven't used plus signs or Boolean ANDs.

By default, HotBot performs an AND search, looking for Web pages that contain all the words in your query. To change that, use the Look For menu (Figure 7.17) to select one of the other options:

Figure 7.17. You can easily change the default search setting to one of several other options on the Look For menu.

  • any of the words

    Similar to a Boolean OR search.

  • exact phrase

    No need to enclose the phrase in quotation marks if you use this option. You'll typically get the same results with or without quotes.

  • the page title

    To look for your search terms in the titles of Web pages.

  • the person

    To tell HotBot to look for near matches to your query. Typing Lee acocca and selecting the person, for example, will find references to that exact name as well as Iacocca, Lee and Lee A. Iacocca.

  • links to this URL

    To find Web pages that include hyperlinks to a specific URL—a technique often used by Web site creators to get a measure of their sites' popularity. To work properly, your search must include the Web site's complete URL.

    For example, to find Web pages that link to MapQuest, you would need to type http://www.mapquest.com in the HotBot search form.

  • Boolean phrase To tell HotBot that you've typed a Boolean expression in the search form (Figure 7.18). You can use AND, OR, NOT, phrases in quotes, and parentheses in constructing a Boolean query. The Boolean operators can be typed in either uppercase or lowercase.

    Figure 7.18. HotBot can handle Boolean expressions like this. Just be sure to select Boolean phrase on the Look For menu.



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