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Chapter 14. Optimize Your Paid Search Pr... > Step-by-Step Paid Search Optimizatio...

Step-by-Step Paid Search Optimization

Just like everything else in search marketing, paid search can be broken down into a series of steps that you can take, one by one. Paid search might look complicated, and sometimes it is. Every search engine has different program rules—and they change. You will never be able to predict what your competitors will do next, which has a huge impact on your results. By focusing on each step in the process, however, you can make paid search as simple as possible. Here are the high-level steps that every paid search program must take:

  • Set up your paid search program. Every program has certain startup tasks, such as setting up accounts for each paid search program and choosing your bid management software. Although you can revisit these decisions at any time, you do need to make some choices up front because you will not change your mind for every campaign.

  • Choose your targets. For each campaign, you must identify the keywords you are targeting for paid placement, and the products that you are focusing on for shopping search.

  • Attract searcher's clicks. Paid placement campaigns rely heavily on strong copywriting to get searchers to click your ad. Shopping searchers have specific ideas of who they will buy from. We show you how to draw the most clicks from searchers for any paid search campaign.

  • Optimize paid search landing pages. Just as with organic search, you must carefully consider the way your paid search landing pages are designed so that you drive the maximum number of conversions for your search referrals.

  • Measure and adjust your campaign. Remember, search marketing, especially paid search marketing, depends on constant refinement. Learn how to track your success and how to improve your campaigns every day.



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