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Regardless of the challenges ahead, streaming media usage continues to increase daily. More and more Web sites are adding streaming media, and the number of streaming media players installed is on the rise. As more and more devices become media-enabled, the role of streaming in today's media landscape will continue to expand.


There are a number of good books available if you'd like to learn more about streaming media.

Compression for Great Digital Video: Power Tips, Techniques and Common Sense. Ben Waggoner, CNP Books, August 2002. The “World's Greatest Compressionist” tells all in this essential encoding reference.

Digital Video and Audio Compression. Steven J. Solari, McGraw-Hill, March 1997. An in-depth reference for folks who really want to know how codecs work, although maybe a little difficult to locate new.

JavaScript Bible. Danny Goodman, John Wiley & Sons, 4th edition published April 2001. A must if you are serious about JavaScript.

Matters of Light and Depth. Ross Lowell. Lowell-Light Manufacturing, April 1999. A ten-year labor of love by one of the best in the business. This is a must-have for people who want to learn about lighting design.

Modern Recording Techniques. David Huber and Robert E. Runstein, Focal Press, 5th Edition, June 2001. A good, thorough book about audio production.

The MPEG-4 Book. Edited by Fernando Pereira and Touradj Ebrahimi. Prentice Hall PTR, July 2002. The place to start with the MPEG-4 standard.

Principles of Digital Audio. Ken Pohlman. McGraw Hill Professional, 4th Edition February 2000. The “bible” of digital audio.

QuickTime for the Web. Steven Gulie. Morgan Kaufmann, 3rd Edition June 2003. A great place to start for folks who want to learn about QuickTime. Entertainingly written.

SMIL: Adding Multimedia to the Web. Mary Slowinsky and Tim Kennedy. Sams, December 2001. The first seriously comprehensive book about SMIL.

Video Compression Demystified. Peter Symes. McGraw Hill Professional, December 2002. For those who really want to learn about compression technologies.



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