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Chapter 9. Downloading Online Content - Pg. 149

149 Chapter 9. Downloading Online Content " I don't want a faster computer. What I need is a faster connection ." --Quote from the author This chapter covers the most repeated act in the online world--downloading. The ability to download quickly is an important part of today's online world. It's a big subject that we'll cover in stages. The first discussion is about the catchall term of downloading . The terms downloading and uploading were coined to explain the acts of sending and receiving content and information between computers. An easy way to remember what these words mean is to exchange downloading with the word receive and uploading with the word send . The Web is a content and information provider. Content and information are obtained through the process known as downloading. Downloading is repeated million of times an hour, every day, worldwide, by people who are connected via the Internet. The majority of these people are down- loading information such as news and research materials. Many others download content such as