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Chapter 15. Outputting Your Sequences > Preparing Your Sequence

Preparing Your Sequence

Before you output your sequence, there are a couple of things you should do in order to make sure your sequence is output to tape correctly. If you’re simply outputting to tape as a rough draft, some of these options are unnecessary. If you’re outputting to tape for broadcast or mass duplication, some of these options are mandatory. Before you consider outputting your sequence, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are all the effects that need to be rendered actually rendered? If not, perform an expert render on the sequence.

  • Are all the audio tracks mixed correctly? If not, use the Audio Mix tool and the Audio tool to mix and monitor levels.

  • Does the finished sequence have any mixed audio sample rates? If it does, you need to change the sample rate.

  • Is any media offline? If so, perform a batch capture or find each clip individually and recapture it. You can tell if your sequence is missing media by choosing Clip Color: Offline from the Timeline’s Fast Menu (see Figure 15.1). This will turn any offline media red.

    Figure 15.1. This is the quick way to tell if any media in your sequence is offline. All offline media will appear in red.

  • Is your deck hooked up to Avid Xpress Pro or to Avid Mojo correctly?

  • Are you going to output your sequence in mono or stereo? To select a method, open the Audio tool and click on the PH (Peak Hold) button. Choose Output Settings (see Figure 15.2). From this window, you can switch from stereo to mono.

    Figure 15.2. The Output Settings allow you to change how the audio is output from Avid Xpress Pro.

  • Are all the scenes that need to be color corrected actually corrected? If not, use the Color Correction tool to make all the necessary adjustments.



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