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Chapter 11. Nesting Effects > Nesting into a Title

Nesting into a Title

Nesting can only occur when you have an effect placed on a clip. Because a title is considered an effect, you can nest inside a title using Avid Xpress Pro. When you nest into a title, you’re able to replace the fill portion of the title with whatever media is available to you. This is a great way to fill a title with a still image or even another video clip. The results can quite dramatic. To nest inside a title, follow these steps:

  1. Create a title; this example uses a fairly large title to illustrate the changes (see Figure 11.24).

    Figure 11.24. To nest into a title, first create a title in the Title tool.

  2. Save the title and edit into the Timeline over another clip.

  3. Place the Position Indicator on the title and click on the Step Into button.

  4. Inside the nest, you’ll see two tracks—the matte channel and the fill channel. Without going into great detail, this is how a title is created. A matte is created and the fill channel is displayed through the matte. Notice how frayed the fill channel is (see Figure 11.25).

    Figure 11.25. The Fill Track is simply a block of color.

  5. The fill channel or the V2 track can be edited over. The matte track cannot. It is locked (see Figure 11.26).

    Figure 11.26. The top track is locked and cannot be edited over.

  6. Open a clip and mark an IN point.

  7. Mark IN and OUT points in the Timeline from the beginning of the track on V2 and an OUT at the end of track V2.

  8. Edit the clip into the fill track.

  9. Step out of the nest to see the results (see Figure 11.27).

    Figure 11.27. The new footage or image is nested inside the title.



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