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Effects are a part of everyday editing for an editor. Some effects are barely noticeable, such as Flop or Resize, others are very obvious, such as wipes or conceals. Most stories can be told with simple cuts and dissolves. But when you need to add that one effect that aids you in your storytelling, Avid Xpress Pro probably has it for you. The next chapter covers some of the custom features Avid offers. When you’re really in the need for some more advanced effects, never forget Boris FX (covered in Appendixes A and B) and Adobe After Effects.

  • Effects can be played in real time if the Toggle Digital Video Out button is green.

  • Render-on-the-Fly allows you to see real-time effects.

  • The Quick Transition button is a quick way of adding a dissolve.

  • Dissolves and transition effects can be in three positions: starting, centered, or ending.

  • Clips need handles to perform transition effects.

  • You can add multiple dissolves by marking IN and OUT points and selecting the IN to OUT option in the Quick Transition window.

  • Other effects can be added using the Effect Palette.

  • There are two types of effects: transition and segment.

  • The Effect mode opens the Effect Editor.

  • Each effect has different effect parameters. Global effects, such as Flop and Flip, don’t have any parameters.

  • There are several ways to change effect parameters—using direct manipulation handles, via the Eyedropper tool, and via the color wheel.

  • Every effect, except global effects, has keyframes.

  • You can add, delete, move, and zoom into keyframes.

  • After creating an effect, you can save it in a bin, with or without its source material.

  • Bottom line: try to use effects when they’re called for. Avid Xpress Pro allows you to add effects very quickly and with little effort (especially compared to linear editing). This doesn’t mean every transition should have some fancy effect on it.



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