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Chapter 2. Capturing and Importing > Importing Media or Files

Importing Media or Files

Along with recording media from a tape source, Avid Xpress Pro can also import numerous types of files. Importing can be as easy as dragging and dropping a file into a bin. When you drag and drop a file into a bin, certain settings related to how it sees the files are applied. These settings have a direct impact on how the imported file will look. The following is a list of the most common files used for importing. To view all the files Avid Xpress Pro can import, visit Avid’s website; the list changes over the years.

  • Alias— A file format owned by Silicon Graphics. Used in animations.

  • Chryon— This file format was created by the Chryon Corporation. A standard file used throughout the film industry.

  • JPEG— Created by the Joint Photographic Experts Group, this file format compresses files to very small sizes.

  • OMFI— This is file format developed by Avid for interchanging media. It can only be used for importing only.

  • Photoshop— This file was developed by Adobe for its software Photoshop. The advantage of this file is that Avid can import its layers.

  • PICT— This is the standard file used and developed by Apple Computer.

  • PNG— This file stands for Portable Network Graphics.

  • TARGA— Developed by Truevision, Inc.

  • TIFF— This stands for Tag Image File Format. TIFFs don’t experience any generation loss when opened again and again.



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