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Lesson 4. Adding Transitions >  Adding the Cross Zoom transition

Adding the Cross Zoom transition

Now you'll add a third clip (Eye.mov) and use the Cross Zoom transition, which zooms into one clip and zooms out of the other. Here, the Cross Zoom transition zooms into the end of the Earth.mov clip and then zooms out at the start of the Eye.mov clip.

From the Time Units pop-up menu in the Timeline window, choose 1 Second.

Underneath the Program view of the Monitor window, drag the shuttle slider until the location timecode reads 05:04.

From the Project window, drag the Eye.mov clip into the Video1A track, snapping its In point to the edit line.

The Earth.mov and Eye.mov clips now overlap for a duration of about 1 second.

From the Transitions palette, drag the Cross Zoom transition into the Transition track, in the area where the Earth.mov and Eye.mov clips overlap.

This time, you'll modify the transition somewhat.

In the Timeline window, double-click the transition you just placed to open the Cross Zoom Settings dialog box.

Select the Show Actual Sources option.

Leave the Start and End settings as they are, and make sure the Track Selector is pointing up ( ).

When the arrow points up, the transition will start zooming into the clip in the Video 1B track (Earth.mov), and then zoom out of the clip in the Video 1A track (Eye.mov), ending with the eye.

This transition also lets you specify the location in each clip where the zoom begins. You'll specify that now.

In the End view, drag the small white square from the center of the image into the reflection in the upper right of the pupil of the eye.

This square determines where the zoom ends.

In the Start view, drag the white square to approximately the same position as in the End view.

Click OK.

Preview the Cross Zoom transition by scrubbing in the Timeline ruler while holding down the Alt key (Windows) or the Option key (Mac OS).

If you like, you can also generate a preview at the precise frame rate by setting the work area to cover the new transition and pressing Enter (Windows) or Return (Mac OS).

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