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Lesson 4. Adding Transitions >  Overlapping clips

Overlapping clips

To create a transition between two clips, you need to overlap them in the Video 1A and Video 1B tracks in the Timeline window. Only the overlapping area—the end of one clip and the beginning of the next—is involved in the transition. Typically, you overlap portions of the clips that are not essential to the video program, since they will likely be obscured by the effect of the transition.

In the Timeline window, make sure the Video1 track is expanded so that it displays the Video1A, the Transition, and the Video1B tracks. If it's not expanded, click the arrow to the left of the Video1 track.

To make your clips a little easier to see in the Timeline, you'll change the view.

Click the title bar of the Timeline window to make it active. Choose Windows > Timeline Window Options. Then select the medium-sized icon size. Click OK.

In the lower left corner of the Timeline window, choose 1/2 Second from the Time Units pop-up menu.

Drag Solar1.mov from the Project window to the Video1A track in the Timeline window, placing its In point at the very beginning of the timeline.

Now you'll overlap the beginning of the Earth.mov clip with the end of the Solar1.mov clip.

Under the Program view of the Monitor window, drag the shuttle slider until the location timecode (the left set of green numbers) reads 02:04.

Drag Earth.mov into the Video1B track, snapping its In point to the edit line.

Choose File > Save.

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