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Lesson 10. Adding Motion > Applying motion settings and transparency

Applying motion settings and transparency

Now you'll animate Lotus.psd using the motion path, zoom, and rotation options. First, though, you need to add Lotus.psd to the Timeline and apply transparency.

Move the edit line to 0:00:02:15, using the timecode in the Monitor window's Program view as a guide.

Drag Lotus.psd from the Project window to the Video 3 track, aligning its In point to the edit line.

Move the edit line to about 0:00:06:15.

Drag the right edge of Lotus.psd to the edit line.

Select Lotus.psd in the Timeline and choose Clip > Video > Transparency.

Lotus.psd was created in Adobe Photoshop with a blue-green background (Red= 0, Green = 255, and Blue = 255). With this color, you could make the background transparent using the Blue Screen, Green Screen, Chroma, or RGB Difference transparency key types. See "Applying the Blue Screen transparency key type" or "Applying the Chroma transparency key type" for more information on these key types.

The RGB Difference key type includes the option to add a drop shadow to the remaining opaque image, so we'll use it on Lotus.psd.

Choose RGB Difference for Key Type.

In the Color area, click the blue-green background of the thumbnail to select it as the transparent value.

Make sure the black and white icon () is selected under the Sample area so that you can clearly view the transparency effect.

Move the Similarity slider to 60 to increase the range of colors affected by the key type. Click the page peel icon () to view the transparency in relation to the other clips in the Timeline.

Sample area before and after moving Similarity slider.

Select Drop Shadow. Notice the new shadow that appears on the remaining opaque image (the flower).

Click OK to close the Transparency Settings dialog box.



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