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A Tour of Adobe Premiere > Previewing transitions and other effects

Previewing transitions and other effects

The Program view play button previews only the video clips in the Video 1 track and the audio clips but does not play transitions, filters, or superimposed clips (ones placed on the Video 2 track) unless a preview file has been created. Once the preview file has been created, the Program view shows the additional effects.

Hold down the Alt key (Windows) or the Option key (Macintosh) and move the pointer into the time ruler within the Timeline window. The pointer changes into a small downward arrow ( ).

Drag the pointer in the time ruler over the transition, keeping the Alt or Option key helddown.

The Cyclers.mov clip dissolves into the Fastslow.mov clip, over a duration of one second.

Dragging in this fashion provides a quick method for previewing your video program but cannot give you a precise frame rate, since you're moving it by hand. To preview effects at a specified frame rate, you need to generate a preview file.

Before you generate it, however, you need to adjust the work area bar—the topmost section of the Timeline window—to cover the area you want to preview. The work area bar specifies the portion of your project that you want to preview (with transitions, filters, and other effects) oroutput. In this case, you'd like to preview the first three clips of your project, including the transition effect you just added.

To view the first three clips in their entirety, choose 1 Second from the Time Units pop-up menu. Now it will be easy to extend the work area by the correct amount.


Depending on the size and resolution of your monitor, the 1 Second setting might not make the first three clips entirely visible; in that case, choose another setting from the Time Units pop-up menu. Doing so will not affect your ability to follow the remaining procedures in this tour, although the illustrations may not exactly match what you see on your screen.

Drag the right end of the work area bar so that it extends the length of the first three clips and aligns with the end of the Fastslow.mov clip.

Choose Project > Preview or press Enter (Windows) or Return (Mac OS) on the keyboard.

Premiere displays a status bar as it generates a preview file. When complete, the preview of your video program plays in the Program view of the Monitor window.



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