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Part 1. Using Roxio Easy CD Creator > Starting an Audio CD with SoundStream

Starting an Audio CD with SoundStream

Open the Project Selector again, hover on the Make a Music CD button, and select SoundStream.

Your audio tracks appear in the Source panel—or you might need to click the CD icon next to Select Source.

With an active Web connection, click the Name Tracks button, and the tracks will be named automatically from Roxio's online database!

You can manually rename your tracks by right-clicking each one and selecting Rename Item.


I'm sure you're anxious to make your own “greatest hits” audio CD. You'll need the music you want to compile (source discs) and a blank CD-R or CD-RW disc. First, put your audio CD into your CD or DVD drive.


The first time you use CD Creator, it will ask to test your drive—click OK. (This confirms that your hard drive and CD recorder can sustain a reasonable transfer rate.)

Click to select the tracks you want to include in your greatest hits collection.

After selecting the tracks you want, click the Add Selected button to move references to these tracks to the recording area. Your tracks will appear in the right panel.

Click the Select Destination CD icon.

Select your recording drive and click Select.


You can always use the playback buttons at the bottom of the SoundStream program to play, rewind, and pause selected tracks; you also can drag the slider to adjust the volume.


To add every track, click the Add All Tracks button.

Make sure you have enough available space on your disc.

If you don't have enough available space, you can highlight a song and click the remove button.

The Record button turns red, and you can click it to burn this disc (you will have to be ready to insert the source discs as prompted).


Windows XP will sometimes pop up and prompt you for action when you insert a new CD of any kind. Select Take No Action if you're in the middle of a project, and don't set any choices as the default. (Or just press the Esc key on your keyboard.)

Name your new CD and enter the artist's name.

Click Record to begin.

If you don't have a second CD player, SoundStream will ask you to reinsert your first CD. Do so and click OK.

The compilation needs to be prepared. Click OK.

The program prompts you for your blank CD. When you insert it and click OK to close the disc space information dialog box, a blinking red light will accompany the actual recording process.

Click Finalize.

Watch the Finalize progress bar.



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