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Part 1. Using Roxio Easy CD Creator > Beginning a New Project in CD Creator

Beginning a New Project in CD Creator

Open Roxio CD Creator 5 and hover (don't click) your mouse over Make a Music CD. Three ways to create your own music CD pop up.

If you hover the mouse over the other buttons, the appropriate options appear. Hover over the Make a Data CD button to see three ways to create a data CD.

Click Data CD Project. (Don't worry, we'll do a music CD soon enough!)


The easiest way to get acquainted with CD Creator for the first time is with the Project Selector. By going through it step by step, you can get a great idea of what you can accomplish, and you can get started quickly.


The DirectCD option turns your CD recorder into another disc drive to receive files that you drag and drop.


Using the Data DVD option in Roxio CD Creator might not create a “movie DVD” that will play on a standalone DVD player—or even on a computer DVD-ROM. It's used mainly to move data to the large-capacity DVD media.

Take a minute to familiarize yourself with this screen; you'll see it's pretty intuitive. Click the drop-down arrow to see your available drives.

Select a folder that contains files. Select files or subfolders in the right panel. The Add button becomes active.

Click the Add button to add it to your CD project.

All you would have to do now to create your first CD is click the Record button, but for now, just close this window.



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