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Part 1. Using Roxio Easy CD Creator > Creating a PhotoRelay CD

Creating a PhotoRelay CD

Click Start, All Programs, Roxio Easy CD Creator 5, Applications, PhotoRelay. (See the Hint below.)

Click the Add Images button to add your images.

Navigate to a folder with the images you want to burn to your PhotoRelay CD and select your images.

Click Open to add the images.


Several years ago, Kodak promoted a standard for sharing photos called Photo CD. (You can still take a set of photos to a development lab and get them scanned and burned to a Photo CD.) This is not the same thing. Easy CD Creator uses a special program called PhotoRelay to let you do something similar on your own PC. The PhotoRelay CD will play only on a PC, but the good news is that it uses a common image file format: JPG.


In step 1, a splash screen will briefly appear that lets you access a digital camera or a scanner. Then the main program opens.

You can change the order of the images by dragging and dropping them to new locations.

Click Save to save your album.

Type in a name you'll remember.

Click OK to continue.


Click the Acquire button to use a scanner or digital camera to add more images, or repeat step 2 with another folder of images.

Click the Sort button to reorder your slides by name, size, date, or other parameters.


Use a descriptive name to refer to this collection (album) of images when you save your file as an album.

Click Create, Perform Slide Show (or Ctrl+H).

Set the timing for each slide.

Add an audio track (WAV or MP3 file) to accompany the slideshow.

A VCR-type of control lets you control the show at your own pace or just watch slides change automatically at the interval you set.



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