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Part 9. Tips and Techniques > Making an Autoplay CD

Making an Autoplay CD

Open any Autoplay disc to its root folder by right-clicking the disc.

Click Explore.

Locate the autorun.inf file, and double-click it to open it in Windows Notepad.


You might want to set your project to open automatically when your disc is inserted. This requires a text file in the root directory named autorun.inf. In Windows XP, autorun.inf must access an executable file—namely, another program or application. Fortunately, we can download a file of this type from the Web.


Double-clicking the disc icon activates the Start program—typically, the installer for a software program.


To create your own autorun.inf file, write the text file and save it under this filename, but make sure you select All Files, not TXT under Files of Type.

Notice that it simply runs an executable program—in this case, GoRun.exe.

Back in the CD root folder, notice two other files: GoRun.exe (the executable) and GoRun.txt. Double-click the GoRun.txt file to open it in Notepad.

This file is referenced by GoRun.exe to open an htm file in the default browser.

To open up any other file, change the reference filename to any other name that you've burned to the disc. Type to replace index.htm with presentation.pps.

Now you can simply click to Save this TXT file as GoRun.txt into the same folder as the autorun.inf and GoRun.exe files. Click File, Save.

When you are ready to burn the disc, be sure your software has the four necessary files in the root folder of the CD compilation.



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