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Part 9. Tips and Techniques > Using Business Graphics in Your Project

Using Business Graphics in Your Project

Open Excel and insert a chart using the Chart Wizard.

With the chart displayed the way you like, press the Prntscn key on your keyboard.

Click Start, All Programs, Accessories, Paint to open the Windows Paint program.


There are a number of ways to export your business graphics as MovieFactory-friendly files. If they are JPG, TIF, or BMP files, you can use them in a slideshow. But what if exporting proves too difficult? Let's use screen capture on an Excel chart.


MS Paint is the simplest graphics program you can use. In other popular programs (PhotoImpact from Ulead, Paint Shop Pro 8, PhotoDeluxe, or Photoshop from Adobe), you can sometimes crop the image and change its screen size.


Instead of creating a new slideshow, you can also edit an existing show and import the image.

Click Edit, Paste (Ctrl+V) to put the screen capture of the chart into MS Paint.

Use the Selection tool to select just the chart by dragging a box around it.

Click Ctrl+C or Edit, Copy to copy the chart to the Clipboard.

Click File, New in Paint to create a new blank image. (Say No to saving the old one.)

Click Edit, Paste to paste the chart into the new image.

Click File, Save As to save the new file as a BMP file in a folder you'll remember.

Click Add Slideshow to create a slideshow in MovieFactory.

Select the image from the folder you saved it to.

Click Add Image to add it to your slide show; don't forget to set a longer duration for the image to sink in.

Click OK to continue.



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