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Part 9. Tips and Techniques > Using 3D Animation in Your Project

Using 3D Animation in Your Project

Cool 3D makes it easy to insert text—the dialog box welcomes you to the program.

By selecting a parameter such as Scale or Position on the animation toolbar, you can quickly change the text's look.

By applying textures and bevels (edges) from the Easy Palette, you can quickly transform the text.


Because we've been working with Ulead products, let's quickly look at Ulead Cool 3D. It's a tool that you can purchase cheaply from the Ulead Web site. Probably one of the neatest things you can do with Cool 3D is an animated logo or title sequence. Here's a “quick and dirty” example.


Choosing the right resolution and compression can help you later. If you have the patience and the disc space, render your animation at full screen for DVD (720×480) and uncompressed video; that way, DVD MovieFactory 2.0 will convert it without having to recompress it.


At 30 frames per second, a 5-second animation would be 150 frames.

By changing the position of the text at key frames over time, you can quickly create an animation.

Double-click to add an effect—while your logo is twirling, it can just as easily be flaming.

Finally, click File, Export to export your animation (or render it) as a file (AVI) that DVD MovieFactory accepts.

Use the Add Video button in MovieFactory to put the special effect into your project.

Click to select the file you exported from Cool 3D.

Click Open to finish.



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