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Part 9. Tips and Techniques > Adding Narration to Your DVD Project

Adding Narration to Your DVD Project

Click to find the Windows Sound Recorder under All Programs, Accessories, Entertainment.

Click the red Record button and speak into the microphone to record your voice. (This button is grayed out while recording.)

When you're done, click Stop to stop recording.

Click the Play button to preview how the clip sounds.


An amazing tool that few people use is the Windows Sound Recorder. It's probably the easiest way to add narration to your DVD project. To use this tool, you will need to have a microphone set up properly in your sound system. Here's a quick way to add a voice track to a menu or as an audio file to replace a track.


You can tell if Sound Recorder is working by the response of the green level line—your voice should get a visible change in “amplitude” as you enunciate.


Click Edit to remove parts before or after the audio slider. There are also options to Insert or Copy audio clips.

You can “bump up” the audio quality by clicking the Change button when you save the file.

Click File to view your options.

Click to save the clip as a WAV audio file to a folder you designate.

To use the file in MovieFactory 2.0, click the video whose audio you want to change, and then click the Replace Audio button.

In the dialog box, click the Replace Audio with Selected File check box.

Locate and select the file you just saved in Sound Recorder.

Click Open.



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