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Part 9. Tips and Techniques > Playing Your Audio and Video Collections

Playing Your Audio and Video Collections

Use the Start button, All Programs, and Accessories, Entertainment (or a shortcut) to open Windows Media Player.

To create a playlist, click Media Library.

Click New Playlist.


When we used both CD Creator and Nero to create audio files in folders that contained collections, we noticed that we could use either of these programs to play one or more albums or tracks. But probably the best way to do this is to create Play Lists in Windows Media Player.

Give the playlist a name and click OK.

Click to select the new playlist in Media Player, and then open the My Music folder to the location of the files you want to add.

From the main My Music folder or subfolders (Classical), select and then drag and drop your files into the new playlist.


Now you'll see the value of having your albums organized as WAV or MP3 audio files. You may have to click and resize both Media Player and Windows Explorer to see both windows. To see filenames instead of icons in the folder, click View, Details.


Your playlist need not be audio files—you can use the source of trimmed MPG or AVI video files from MovieFactory individually or as playlists.

Select the top (or any song) and click Play to hear the cuts from that point on.

Click Now Playing to view the Skins.

Click File, Export Playlist to File to create a text file with your selections that you can reuse or import. (Name and save the file as a text file.)



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