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Part 2. How to Use Nero 5 > Setting Your Recording Options

Setting Your Recording Options

Create a compilation in Nero and click the Write CD button.

Click the ISO tab. Like many of the defaults, this is more than you want to know. ISO is the CD standard. Leaving these settings will maximize the readability of your files.

Click Medium Info to see the status of your blank disc.


I wanted to wait with this topic until you've created data and audio CD compilations. Using the Write CD defaults will work for most of you, and these options are fairly universal to the different projects you will create.

Click the drop-down arrow to select another CD or DVD recorder.

If it makes you feel better, click the Wizard button. (It gives you an important option: creating an image.)

Click Create Image to create a file to reburn this exact compilation many more times.

Click Close Wizard to go back to the options screen.


Creating a data DVD disc is just like creating a data CD, except the status bar at the bottom of the screen gives you 4.7GB of space. You must have a DVD recorder to use this option, and they use very specific media—DVD-R and/or DVD+R, and DVD-RW and/or DVD+RW (rewritable). Be sure you use the proper media for your DVD recorder—read the specifications carefully.

Click the Write Speed drop-down menu to select a burning speed that matches your media. (Nero may opt to lower this speed later.)

Click Do a Virus Check Before Burning to ensure you won't copy a virus.

If you get errors or want to fine-tune your system, investigate your preferences by clicking File, Preferences.



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