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Part 2. How to Use Nero 5 > Creating and Using a Music Database in Nero

Creating and Using a Music Database in Nero

In My Documents, select New, Folder to create a new folder. Name it Music Database.

In Nero, click Extras, Create a New User Database.

Select your new Music Database folder under My Documents.

Click OK. Nero will begin creating the file. When it asks you to accept it, click Yes.


So far we have seen and cancelled out of the Database window in Nero as we performed various tasks. Some of you advanced users will love the database, so we'll summarize it here. The database is like a file cabinet that keeps track of your CDs, album titles, artists and tracks—but it takes effort to create and maintain.


The database will be a file that needs a folder for a home. That's what we're creating in step 1.

Click Extras, Open User CD Database.

Click Add New CD and make sure your audio CD is in your drive.

Click OK if Nero asks to access the CD (sometimes it can read the information directly for the disc's CD text).


If necessary, let Nero know which CD drive has the disc you are adding to your database.

Click Create a New CD Entry.

Fill in the Title information.

Click to set the check box for Title.

Click Next.


If the database is more trouble than it's worth, you can turn off the database pop-up window permanently. Click File, Preferences on the main menu. Then click the Database tab and click to disable the three open database options.

Click the drop-down arrow next to Track, and then scroll down and highlight the last track before you close the list.

Click OK.

In the main database window, click Add Selected CD.

Click OK to confirm that the entry has been successfully added.

Click the drop-down arrow to sort by Title or Artist. Click the appropriate alphabetical tab and look at the entries.

Now begin to extract audio and click Recorder, Save Track.

When the database opens, you see that it has found your CD! Click Selected CD.


Now that you've seen the database, you can understand how CD text works. When you click to open a new audio CD as a project, use the CD Text window to enter information.

Select the tracks to save to your hard drive.

Pick a file format (WAV) from the drop-down arrow.

Now, with the title and artist filled in from the database, click Go.



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