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Part 2. How to Use Nero 5 > Creating an Audio CD with Nero

Creating an Audio CD with Nero

Open Nero Burning ROM to the wizard and click Audio CD.

Click Next until you are at the program screen.

Locate and click the icon for your audio CD and select the tracks you want to include in your greatest hits album. Drag and drop them into the compilation area.


I'm sure you're anxious to make your own “greatest hits” audio CD. You'll need the music you want to compile (source audio CD discs) and a blank CD-R or CD-RW disc. Put your blank audio CD into your CD-RW drive.

Click Cancel (not shown) to close the database. A window will pop up, prompting you to name your audio CD. Type in a name.

Click OK to continue.

Select a track and click the Play button to make sure it's the right one.

Drag and drop a track to a new location to change the play order.


You can always stop the wizard from appearing by clicking Help and unchecking Use the Wizard.


Windows XP will sometimes pop up and prompt you for action when you insert a new CD of any kind. It's a good idea to select Take No Action in the middle of a project; later, you'll learn how to “train” Windows XP to make that the default.

Right-click a track and click Properties.

Enter a descriptive name for the track.

Insert a blank CD and click the Write CD button.

Click Write to create your disk.

If you've disabled the wizard, your disc begins the burn process right away.

If the wizard is active, click Burn.

Click Burn to create your disk.



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