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Part 2. How to Use Nero 5 > Creating a Video CD in Nero Express

Creating a Video CD in Nero Express

Open Nero Express and click the Videos/Pictures arrow to begin a video CD project.

Read the explanation of the Video CD.

Click to select Video CD.


A Video CD is a special kind of CD that uses MPEG1 video files and an interactive menu to play movies. We will cover video capture and editing in more detail in later chapters (and explain the VCD and SVCD formats), but let's quickly look at how Nero lets you make such a disc after you have MPEG1-compliant movie files.

Click Add, and then select your MPEG1-compliant video files.

Click Add. As the files are being added, if you look quickly, you can see a menu being automatically generated.

When the files you want have been added, click Finished.


If you have selected non-MPEG1–compliant files (such as Windows AVI video files), Nero will encode (convert) them. This can take some additional time, and the results will depend on your source video quality.

Click the Layout button to adjust the look by the number of thumbnails (first frame of the videos) and titles (filenames).

The largest thumbnail size is six per menu. Select a layout from the drop-down list.

To change the menu text and background, click the Text and Background buttons and examine the choices.

When you're done, close the windows and click Next.


If you change the sample text and click Font, you can change the color of the text. In the Background panel, you can change the color and/or add an image.


By experimenting with the Background and Text option panels, changing the video filenames, and adding a photo, you can get some nice results.

Select your recorder from Current Recorder.

Type in a label for your video disk.

Set your Writing Speed.

Click Burn to create your disk.



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