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Part 8. Completing Three Simple DVD Projects > Beginning a Travelogue DVD

Beginning a Travelogue DVD

Choose a format and begin my project by clicking Next.

For an important project, we want to save all our significant files into a single folder. Click the Capture Folder icon to begin.

Click Make New Folder and create a new folder (My_Trip) on the desktop.


Probably the two most popular DVD projects for home use are the wedding video and the travelogue. In each you may have both still images and video, and you'll want to organize them so that viewers get a sense of the entire event and can quickly access significant portions or chapters. Let's put together a tavelogue.


Using the default MovieFactory settings within your My Documents folder can make it easier to find and open recent projects.


Working with a new folder keeps your captured files and project file together for efficient backups, but you need to remember where they are.

Click Capture Video and make sure we have left some seconds before and after the footage. When finished, the elapsed time appears along with any dropped frames.

When we are finished capturing segments, click OK to return to the Add/Edit window.

Click to play the video; begin with the people we met at events on our trip.

Click to set an in point past the lousy footage.

Click Add/Edit Video and import other clips of scuba diving or of places and people from our recent trip—be sure you know the folder location.

Click to select a video.

Click Open to add the clip.

Preview any of your clips in the Add/Edit window and create in and out points using the trim features.



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