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Part 8. Completing Three Simple DVD Projects > Beginning a Family History VCD

Beginning a Family History VCD

Open a new VCD project. Then click Next.

Click Capture to open the Capture Video screen.

Click Capture Settings to check your analog capture driver. Notice that device control is inactive.

To capture your video footage, play your source video and click Capture Video.


The VCD option also applies in a family history project, because some family members might not have DVD drives. In addition, it is very likely that some of the source video will be on VHS tape, which you want to preserve digitally. Because VCD is VHS quality, it is an ideal choice for a family history project captured from an analog source.


For a family VCD, your source video may be on older VHS tape. You would either use an analog capture device, or dub the video to a DV camcorder.

With your video captured, click Stop Capture.

Click OK to continue.

Click Add Slideshow for still images. Find the folder with the images and select the ones you want.

Click Add Image for each image you want to add.


To add your still images, you might need a scanner to import old photographs; some video capture devices also will grab single frames from your video.

Set duration for the image slides, drag and drop to rearrange them, and add background audio as you did with the DVD.

Click OK to continue.

Save the VCD family history project in an appropriate folder.



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