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Part 3. Completing Three Simple CD Proje... > Creating a Diversified Music Collect...

Creating a Diversified Music Collection

In your My Music folder, create new folders, naming them Pop, Classical, and Jazz.

Drag and drop your extracted files into the correct folder. To distinguish MP3 files, you can use another subfolder.

Open SoundStream and click Name Tracks. (To use the online Roxio database you must be connected to the Internet.)

With your audio CD in your drive, your tracks should appear. If not, click the CD tab in the Source panel.


Now let's organize a music collection from different types of CDs to burn different combinations or to play directly from our hard drive. Because I like the ease of using SoundStream and the Roxio online database to name the files, I'm going to use CD Creator. But because we've also covered how to name files in Nero, these concepts will also work with that program.


If you have files named Track 1, Track 2, and so on, right-click to rename them.

Click the Folder icon in the Destination panel, and then select the subfolder in My Music with the music you want to add (Classical, in this case).

Click Select Folder.

Click in the Source panel to select the tracks you want to add. Then click Add.

Finally, click Record. Your new additions will be added to the folder you have selected.


One way to use your collection is to open SoundStream anytime you want a particular type of music; open the Destination folder, select the tracks you want to play, and click the Play button.

You can use your audio CDs in the car and play your music at home on the PC.


Notice that files you have already added appear; they need not be duplicated. The default file format is WAV. You can also select MP3 from the File Types drop-down list.

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