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Part 3. Completing Three Simple CD Proje... > Preparing a File and Folder Backup

Preparing a File and Folder Backup

To back up finances in Quicken, click File, Backup.

Browse to the folder in which you want to store the file on your C: drive.

Click OK to create the backup file.


Because I have reinstalled Windows (95, 98, 2000, and XP) many times, I have lost all faith in backup programs. I assume that when I crash, I will need to reinstall everything. I need to protect my stuff the best way I can, so I concentrate on two things: data and settings. You should also think about these issues.

To back up the Contacts (and Calendar), in Outlook, select either one and click File, Import and Export.

In the wizard, choose Export to a File.

Click Next.


You can save a complete Outlook.PST file to reopen later. But this is what I do for my addresses (and Calendar); the important thing is that you back up whatever database you use.

Choose and name a file; the format that I select is Windows Comma Delimited (CSV) because it's easy to import to other programs.

To back up all your Office settings, click the Start button, click All Programs, select Microsoft Office Tools, and select Save My Settings Wizard.

Again, this results in a single file that the wizard can restore after you have reinstalled Windows and Office. Click Save the Settings to a File.

Click Next to save your settings.

In MS Word, click Tools, Options, File Locations.

Select User Templates from the File Locations list.

Click Modify to locate the Templates folder.


With the size of today's hard drives, a total backup is generally too big for most media. In addition, Windows is almost impossible to back up because it's using its most important files all the time, and its Registry poses very special problems.


Normal.DOT is the most important file MS Word users have, especially if they have autotext settings and macros. You must know where the current version is stored—and back it up conscientiously.

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