Final Cut Pro is the only nonlinear editing tool available that supports the entire range of editing formats. Jerry Hofmann on Final Cut Pro is broken up into a collection of hands-on seminars that focus on teaching a specific aspect of Final Cut Pro. Dealing with version 4, each seminar begins with a lesson that covers the concepts and techniques contained in that seminar. Hofmann then guides the reader step-by-step by applying those concepts and techniques to edit an award winning short film, The Midnight Sun. With this book, users will learn to convert footage from many different sources, manage their footage, edit the content, adjust sound, and output to different sources. If the reader chooses to work through the book cover-to-cover, they will put together an entire short film that includes basic editing, audio, compositing, and various effects. However, if readers just wishes to learn a specific aspect of Final Cut Pro, they will be able to go right to the seminar that covers it, open the source files from the DVD, and pick it right up.

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This book originally included a companion DVD. For easier downloading, the disc has been segmented into smaller segments. These files consist of a master file and several related parts. The master file has the filename extension "z01". The related parts have the extension ".z02, .z03, etc".
INSTRUCTIONS: -- You must download all of the files before proceeding --
1. Place all the downloads in the same location. (in a folder or on the Desktop)
2. Open the file with the extension ".z01". This is the master zip file. Once launched, it will automatically reconnect all of the segments and mount the whole disc image.

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