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Chapter 9. Using Markers > Workshop 9: Experiment with Markers

Workshop 9: Experiment with Markers

In this workshop you'll experiment and have firsthand experience with the use and functions of markers. Their uses are practically endless. You'll find them to be a real time-saver if you master their uses.

Create an Extended Marker

Create a new bin in your Browser called “Marker Bin.” Opt-click it to open it with its tab contained in the Browser.

Copy (Cmd+C) the “3 hr timecode section” master clip, and paste it (Cmd+V) into the Marker bin. Double-click it to open it in the Viewer. Click its disclosure triangle to reveal the markers you placed in it earlier.

Create a new sequence in the Marker bin. Set its settings to be NTSC OfflineRT, and name it “Marker's sequence.” Double-click it to open it in the Timeline window, and then drag the entire “3 hr timecode section” master clip into it.

Highlight the Viewer (press Cmd+1). Press the Home key to place the playhead in the Viewer at the first marker at the head of the clip, highlighting the first marker as you do this. Press M to open this marker's Edit Marker window.

In the Duration box, type 11805 to give this marker a duration of 1:18:05. The colons are added automatically. Click OK. Notice that the marker now has a duration in the Viewer's scrubber bar. It also appears in the clip in the Timeline. In the Browser, it now contains the duration noted in the Duration column.

Place the playhead in the Viewer anywhere within the extended marker. Note that its overlay remains visible anywhere within this duration as long as you are not playing the video. Notice too that if you play the video, the marker disappears.

Highlight this extended marker in the Browser, and press Cmd+U to create a subclip from it. This subclip will appear in the Marker bin. Note that this subclip has a duration of 1:18:05 and ignores the second marker (this is much different from the behavior you've seen earlier in the book).

In the Viewer, press the Home key, and then press M to open this extended marker. Add a comment in the Comment box. Note that this is now a comment in the marker's Master Comment column. Note too that these comments do not come forward into a subclip created from the marker, so if you want to have a comment in the marker's subclip, just type it there instead.



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