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Chapter 14. Managing Large Projects > Workshop 14: Add the Effects to Sequence ...

Workshop 14: Add the Effects to Sequence 1

In this workshop, you'll add the now-finished effects you've been creating in other Timelines. You'll experiment with using nested sequences to get a feel for how this feature works. You'll also work with the Media Manager.

Add the Final Logo to the End of the Movie

Locate the Final Composite 2 sequence in the Animation Sequences bin. With snapping turned on (press N), drag the sequence directly from the bin, and put it directly past the Title Crawl at the end of the movie.

Notice that the sequence is automatically converted to the OfflineRT mode you have set for it. Rendering this massive file will go much faster. You'll make one last change. Highlight this nest in Sequence 1 and press Enter to open it in the Viewer. Notice that you could add filters to the entire nest here if you needed to. Either set a 100 (3:10 seconds) frame fade-up in the Opacity parameter in its Motion tab, or use the Pen tool on the clip overlay in Sequence 1 to create the fade-up. Create a fade-down at the end of 45 frames. When you are finished, the end of Sequence 1 should look like Figure 14.5.

Figure 14.5. The end of the sequence after step 2.

Highlight the nest in Sequence 1. If you want to take the time now, render it (press Opt+R). Everything in your sequence will be rendered, but it will take a long time. Rather than take the time, as you normally would, open “The Midnight Sun Finished Sequence” and copy and paste the file already made for you there. It's the last video clip in the sequence named Final Composite 2. Just copy and paste it from the finished sequence to your sequence.



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