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Chapter 1. Welcome to the Wonderful World of Digital Video

Chapter 1. Welcome to the Wonderful World of Digital Video

“A One-Man Studio”

To see just how easy it is to make your own movies, check out New York Times technology columnist David Pogue’s online movies, which are available from the New York Times website. You can find the movie, dated March 2, 2005, by using the Multimedia Search on the www.nytimes.com advanced search page, selecting the video check box, and typing One-Man Studio. Or go straight to www.nytimes.com/video/html/2005/03/02/technology/20050303_pogue_VIDEO.html.

Every week Pogue creates an informal, funny movie about the latest developments in technology (see Figure 1.1). (I highly recommend them, for the information as well as the entertainment value he brings to each 2- to 4-minute program.)

Figure 1.1. David Pogue’s “A One-Man Studio.”

In “A One-Man Studio,” Pogue explains how he received a letter from a major technology company executive, asking him about his production staff for shooting these weekly movies. The letter made him laugh out loud. His “production staff” is just one person: him.

He scripts, shoots, and edits his movies himself. That’s right. He even shoots himself on camera, using his camcorder’s flip screen to monitor his performance in his video shoots.

He uses free, legally downloadable music and desktop movie editing software to edit his programs. Take a look—and take heart. You can make your own movies, too, in your own home, using the same simple tools as Pogue. And tune in every week for Pogue’s latest online movie news on consumer technology, a great free source for the latest tips and tools. You’ll learn about new techniques, tools, and sources to enhance your movies.

In this book, you’ll discover how easy it is to create your videos, starting with understanding what you need for a basic desktop video system: a camcorder and a personal computer with movie editing software.



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