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Chapter 4. Saving and Sharing Digital Movies

Chapter 4. Saving and Sharing Digital Movies

Making Awesome DVDS

Many people consider the DVD version of a movie to be the real deal. And no wonder: DVDs let you do much more with the video you create. You can create chapters, add audio-only chapters, include photo slideshows, and—best of all—introduce your movie with beautiful, dynamic DVD menus. These DVD menus often have music and motion menu graphics that wow your audience. You can even feature clips of moving video in your DVD menus—and do they ever look great!

If you want to showcase a movie masterpiece, you need a DVD burner and DVD-authoring software.

Microsoft Partner: Sonic

Microsoft’s website features a link to Sonic’s MyDVD Studio, one of the most popular DVD-creation programs. You can read more about MyDVD on Microsoft’s website at www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/using/moviemaker/learnmore/dvdburn.mspx.

In addition, Sonic recently purchased Roxio, another leading DVD software company, and it now sells Roxio’s Easy Media Creator, another award-winning product. Both are available for purchase and download at www.sonic.com.

Free Trials of Editing/DVD-Creation Software

You can get free trial downloads of many full-featured consumer editing software programs that include DVD-burning functionality. (Sonic does not currently offer a free trial.) During the free trial, you can make DVDs to see how you like the software and then purchase your favorite program. Check out these sites for demos and details:



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