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Chapter 1. ✓ Start Here > Your Equipment - Pg. 3

Start Here 3 Movie Maker contains all the features you need to turn raw video footage into a final movie. Your Equipment What do you need to make videos, edit them, and produce a final movie? Simply put, you only need a video camera, a computer, and Movie Maker. Each of the next three sections explores these elements of movie making. NOTE This book uses the terms camera, video camera , and camcorder interchangeably. Your Video Camera Obviously, the more features your camera has, the more you can reduce problems at the source. For example, some cameras allow you to control how much light enters the camera during filming. If you have to shoot in poor lighting conditions, this light feature can help improve your video--if you understand how to take advantage of it (see 13 Light Your Video Properly and 16 Take Low-Light Movies). However, if your camera does not adequately support controlling the entry of light, you can do some editing in a video editing program to help reduce the problem. TIP