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Part: IV Working with Other Adobe Produc... > Exporting Premiere Frames, Clips, an... - Pg. 409

409 Chapter 19. Exporting Premiere Frames, Clips, and Projects: Part 1 Premiere offers a dizzying array of so-called export options . More than you will ever use. Making sense of them is the goal of this and the next hour. The simplest task is to use Premiere as a VCR--to record your completed project to videotape. But even there, the plethora of possibilities can make your head swim. Moving on, you can export a still frame or frame sequence to your hard drive for use in other pro- grams, create an Edit Decision List for further editing on separate production equipment, or simply convert a video segment from one format to another. You may want to post your clips on a Web site, put them on a multimedia CD-ROM, or create a DVD movie. I'll save the Internet options and DVD output issues for the next hour. I'll go over the rest now.