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Tricks of the Timeline Viewer scopic--you may not even be able to see the thumbnail picture on short clips--but at least you get a sense of the whole. As you drag the zoom slider handle to the right, your clip bars expand in real time, widening to show you more detail. Finally, if the handle is all the way at the right side of the slider, only a few frames of video fll the entire width of the Timeline Viewer. You've zoomed in over 50 times! There's no one best setting for the zoom level. You should adjust it constantly as you work, pulling back when you need to fgure out why some sound effects are fring at the wrong moment, zooming in when you want to make fne adjustments to the sound volume in mid-clip (Chapter 8), and so on. Sliding for Blackness When you drag a clip to the right in the Timeline Viewer, you introduce a gap between the clip and the one to its left; iMovie automatically flls the gap with blackness and silence. Tip: For greater precision, hold down the Control key and tap the arrow keys to move a clip right or left, making a wider or narrower black clip one frame at a time. Add the Shift key to nudge the clip 10 frames at a time.