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Three Ways to Trim a Clip > Snipping Off One End of a Clip - Pg. 133

Second, a notation appears beneath the Movie Track that identifes the amount of footage between the handles. It might say, for example, "Frames selected 0:03:15 of 6:00:02 total." That is, you've selected 3.5 seconds of a 6-minute movie. Being able to see exactly how much footage you're about to cut (or preserve) can be extremely useful when the timing of your movie is important, as when editing it to accompany a music track or when creating a movie that must be, for example, exactly 30 seconds long. Tip: If you've really made a mess of your selection, click just below the Scrubber bar, on the brushed aluminum iMovie background. The program deselects your footage so that you can try again. Three Ways to Trim a Clip Snipping Off One End of a Clip Having mastered the art of selecting a portion of a clip, as described in the previous section, you're ready to put it to work. Suppose, for example, that you want to shave off some footage from only one end of your clip: 1.Highlightthefootageyouwanttodelete(atthebeginningorendoftheScrubber bar). The arrangement should look like Figure 5-7.