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Three Ways to Trim a Clip > Cropping Out the Ends of a Clip - Pg. 134

Three Ways to Trim a Clip Tip: You can also press the Delete key, or choose EditClear, to get rid of the selected video. The difference is that the Delete key and Clear command don't put the cut material onto your invisible Clipboard, ready for pasting, as the Cut command does. On the other hand, the Delete/Clear command doesn't replace what's already on the Clipboard, unlike the Cut command. Cropping Out the Ends of a Clip If you want to trim some footage off both ends of a clip, it's quicker to highlight the part in the middle that you want to keep: 1.Selectthefootageyouwanttokeep. Use any of the techniques described on page 131. 2.ChooseEditCrop(orpressc-K). When you use this command, all of your signposts disappear, including the two triangle handles and the yellow part of the Scrubber bar. What used to be the yel- low part of the Scrubber bar has now, in effect, expanded to fll the entire Scrubber bar. Your clip is shorter now, as a tap on the Space bar will prove. Note: After you use the Crop command, the megabyte number underneath your project Trash icon usually