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The iMovie Titles Catalog > Unscramble - Pg. 211

Typewriter You occasionally see the Typewriter effect in the credits of TV police dramas (especially JAG and Homicide). The letters spill across the screen from left to right, as though being rapidly typed in a word processor. Tip: When this title style was under development at Apple, it was called X-Files--a reference to the animated titles in The X-Files that establish the time and date of each new scene. Before iMovie was offcially unveiled, the name was changed to Typewriter for obvious reasons (obvious to lawyers, anyway). The iMovie Titles Catalog Typewriter Video Terminal Video Terminal is only slightly different. It adds a blinking insertion-point cursor that gets pushed along as you type--not the vertical one that's familiar to millions of Mac and PC fans, but instead a horizontal underline character like the one on ancient, pre- mouse video terminals. (For some inexplicable reason, Hollywood movies generally depict text appearing on any computer screen using this effect, even if it's popping up in a dialog box or error message. The accompanying teletype sound makes Hol- lywood computers seem even less like the real-world kind.) The Video Terminal effect is especially useful when you want to recreate the "I'm summing up my day in sentimental, bittersweet prose on my word processor" effect that concluded every episode of Doogie Howser, M.D. Unscramble Speed slider: Controls speed of unscrambling Direction control: Left, right Unscramble chapter7:titles,captions,andcredits 211