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The iMovie Titles Catalog > Music Video - Pg. 205

Music Video Speed slider: Controls total time onscreen Direction control: Left, right If you've ever seen a music video on MTV or VH1, you'll recognize this effect instantly. It places the block of text you've typed--a short paragraph of it, anyway--into the lower-left or lower-right corner of the screen, depending on which directional arrow you select. The authenticity of this effect is unassailable. It looks exactly like the credits that appear at the beginning of actual music videos. Be careful not to make the type too small, though, especially for videos you intend to distribute by email or on the Web. Tip: The Music Video title is one of the most useful text styles, as it's the only iMovie text style that gives you complete freedom over placement of your text. You can make your title appear off-center, in any corner of the frame, and so on. The trick is to use "white space" to position the text. By pressing the Space bar before typing each line, you can push your text to the middle or right side of the frame; by pressing Return after the text, you can force the text upward to the middle or top of the frame. Combine these techniques with the left/right directional buttons for various wacky placement effects. The iMovie Titles Catalog