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The iMovie Titles Catalog > Clip to Characters - Pg. 199

The Centered Multiple variation is ideal for opening credits, because each name (along with an optional subtitle) fades professionally onto the screen, remains there for a moment, and then fades away again. The next name fades in to repeat the cycle. (If you haven't seen this particular opening-credit style used at the beginning of a million TV shows and movies, you haven't watched enough TV.) This is a tasteful, professional, powerful effect. Tip: By using several consecutive Centered Titles, you achieve exactly the same effect as the Centered Multiple sequence, except with individual control over the timing of each text pair. The iMovie Titles Catalog Centered Title Clip to Characters Speed slider: Controls fade in/fade out speed Direction control: None Over and over again in Apple's history, its designers have noticed the masses focking to a certain piece of shareware that flls a feature hole in Apple's own software. In this case, the iMovie team observed how many people were buying add-on title effects from other companies, and decided to spare them that expense by introducing, back in iMovie 4, this powerful title category. All four new text effects described here were once available only as shareware add-ons. (They're called Clip to Characters because the actual letter outlines serve as cookie cutters that clip out video or pictures behind them. You'll get the idea in a moment.) Animated Gradient chapter7:titles,captions,andcredits 199