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The iMovie Titles Catalog > Cartwheel - Pg. 198

The iMovie Titles Catalog Bounce In to Center Speed slider: Controls fying-on speed Direction control: Up, down, left, right In this animated effect, the title slides down from the top of the frame and comes to rest, with a little springy bounce, in the center. If you've specifed a subtitle, it foats upward simultaneously from the bottom of the frame. Use it for quirky or comic opening credits--it's not very subtle, but reasonably useful. (The illustration on the previous page shows the direction control set to Right.) Cartwheel Speed slider: Controls fying-on speed Direction control: Left, right iMovie includes several text effects that involve spinning or tumbling words or letters. You'll probably want to avoid most of them except in special situations. The picture below shows the frst of this family. In this version, all of the letters of your title and subtitle fy onto the screen from one side, each spinning as though pierced on its own axle. You can't actually read the titles until they're fnished with their spinning and land in the center.