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Posting a Movie on Your Own Web Site <EMBED SRC="" WIDTH="240" HREF="http://www.myserver. com/foldername/anotherpage.html HEIGHT="196" HIDDEN> ·<TARGET=QUICKTIMEPLAYER>. This command makes the QuickTime plug-in launch the QuickTime Player program as a helper application, so that your movie will play within the QuickTime Player window instead of right there on your Web page. (If your movie opens in QuickTime Player, you give your viewers the option of enlarging the picture using the commands in the Movie menu, for example.) This attribute works in conjunction with the <HREF> attribute, like this: <HREF="" TARGET=QUICKTIMEPLAYER> Making a poster movie Using the <embed> tag in conjunction with the QuickTime plug-in is great, because it lets you embed a movie directly into your Web page. Trouble is, the data for your entire movie starts downloading to your visitors' Web browsers the instant they ar- rive at your page. (This downloading takes place even if you turned off the Autoplay option. It's true that the movie won't start playing instantly, but the data will none- theless begin transferring, so that the movie will be ready to play when your visitor does click the Play button.)