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Popular Editing Techniques In home-movie footage, you may have been creating reaction shots without even knowing it. But you've probably been capturing them by panning from your kid's beaming face to the petting-zoo sheep and then back to the face. You can make this sequence look great in iMovie just by snipping out the pans, leaving you with crisp, professional-looking cuts. Otherwise, it's safe to say that iMovie 3 fans create reaction shots far more often than they did when using, say, iMovie 1; now it's easy to cut to a listener's reaction as the sound of the speaker's voice continues. Creating this effect requires nothing more than a video overlay, as described on page 239. Figure 10-1: Top: You've got a shot of your main character in action. Middle: We cut away to a shot of what he's looking at or react- ing to. Bottom: When you cut back to the main character, you could use a different take on a different day, or dialog from a much later part of the scene (due to some cuts suggested by the editor). The audience will never know that the action wasn't continuous. The cutaway masks the fact that there was a discontinuity between the frst and third shots.