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Phase 4: Design the Menu Screen > Editing Menus - Pg. 367

When you're happy with the way the new theme looks, you're ready to proceed with your iDVD design work. Fortunately, you don't have to commit to a theme at this moment; you can swap in a different theme at any time until you actually burn the DVD. Phase 4: Design the Menu Screen Editing Menus If you like the way everything looks when you click a desired theme, terrifc. You're good to go. Skip ahead to "Phase 5: Burn Your DVD." Note, however, that a great deal of fexibility and control await in the meantime. You don't have to accept every element of the theme as it appears when you frst select it. You can move your buttons around, change the labels on them, and so on. Chapter 17 offers the full scoop on these procedures, but here are a few of the most common redesign tasks. Editing Titles and Buttons iDVD usually adds a title to your menu screens, often near the top of the page, and usually in a larger font than any other text. You can edit it just as you would a Finder icon name: Click inside it to open up an editing box, type your changes, and then press Enter or Return. Editing button names works almost the same way, except that you single-click the button frst, and then click the text itself to open the editing box. Keep these points in mind when working with iDVD text: ·Besuccinct. DVD screens are small, so there's not much room for long and involved text. ·Becontained. Don't let one text box overlap another. ·Spellcheck. Nothing speaks worse of your attention to detail than a lovingly crafted masterpiece called "For Mouther's Day." Tip: If your buttons' text labels are crashing into each other, try making the text wrap into a narrow column, so that it's several lines long. Simply press Return to start a new line; unlike previous versions of iDVD, press- ing Return doesn't close the editing box. Moving Buttons Around Each theme comes with predetermined locations for your buttons. In fact, internally, each theme stores separate layout maps: one that specifes the button positions if you have three buttons, another for four buttons, and so on. iDVD lets you move your buttons around into new positions, but it's not as easy as just dragging them with your mouse. There's no grid to guide you, so the new button positions might not look especially professional. For example, when you play your iDVD disc on a standard DVD player, your menu buttons will sprout glowing rect- chapter15:fromimovietoidvd 367