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Phase 4: Design the Menu Screen > Drop Zones - Pg. 371

The steps are exactly the same as described in the previous section--except that you turn off the Movie checkbox shown in Figure 15-12. Drop a picture or movie The picture on a button doesn't have to be a scene from the movie. It can be any graphic you want. Just drag any graphics fle right onto the button itself; you'll see the button image change instantly. This graphic can come from just about anywhere. For example: ·TheFinder. Drag any graphics fle out of a folder window or from the desktop. ·iPhoto. In the Customize drawer, click the Media button and choose Photos from the pop-up menu. You now see a list of all of the albums in your Mac's iPhoto collection. You can drag any photo onto a button to install it as the new button face. Phase 4: Design the Menu Screen Drop Zones Drop zones let you use video, slideshows, and graphics as the backgrounds of your menu screens. Not every theme offers drop zones, but nearly all of the new 5.0 themes do: Travel Cards, Sliding Panes, Anime Pop, Baby Mobile, and so forth. As if you couldn't guess, the words "Drop Zone" (see Figure 15-13) indicate where the drop zones are. gem in the rough Secrets of the Theme Scrubber iDVD 5's new scrubber bar (the thin white scroll bar beneath the menu screen) lets you preview an entire theme at once. Just drag the scroll bar handle to view how the theme and its drop zones change over time. Many themes, including the one shown here, include a "play once" introduc- tion--a preliminary animation that plays before your menu buttons even appear. It's represented in iDVD by a cross- hatched area of the scrubber bar, to the left of the main section (which represents the looping portion of your menu animation). At times, you might want to turn off that introductory animation, especially when you're designing secondary menu screens (like the Scene Selection screen). If you turn off the checkbox to the left of the scrubber, you hide the crosshatched section of the scrubber bar. You also eliminate the introductory portion, both as it plays in iDVD and on the fnal, burned DVD. Now only the main, looping portion of the menu-screen animation will play. (You can always restore the intro by turning the checkbox back on again.) Speaking of scrubber-bar secrets: If you turn off the Motion button at the bottom of the iDVD screen, you bring the menu's animation to a halt. (The menu will be frozen on the fnished DVD, too.) But once Motion is turned off, you can drag the thumb on the scrubber bar to fnd the most attrac- tive moment in the preprogrammed background animation. Whatever frame you bring into view this way remains the permanent still background for your menu screen. (Perma- nent, at least, until you adjust the scrubber bar again or turn Motion back on.) chapter15:fromimovietoidvd 371