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Phase 4: Design the Menu Screen > Choosing a Theme - Pg. 364

Phase 4: Design the Menu Screen ·Backgroundimageorvideo. Whatever art appears in the background, still images, or video clips, is part of the theme. The movement of the desert in the Anime Pop theme is one example of video in action. Tip: If the repetitive looping of a theme's motion drives you crazy, click the round Motion button below the menu-design screen. The Motion button turns the looping motion on and off while you're working on a DVD. (It also affects the fnished DVD, so check its status before you burn the disc.) ·Buttontype. The buttons in iDVD Project can be either little graphics or text phrases that your audience will "click" with the remote control. ·Buttonlook. The look of your buttons can vary. Text buttons may have simple backgrounds; graphic buttons may have borders. ·Button positions. Each menu can accommodate up to 12 buttons, depending on the theme you've chosen. Themes are preset to place their buttons in certain favored positions. ·Dropzones.Drop zones are areas into which you can drag a favorite video clip (sometimes more than one) that plays continuously as a background for the main menu screen. If you've ever seen a commercial Hollywood DVD movie, you've seen this effect. One key scene from the movie plays over and over, looping until you