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Choosing a Theme > Choosing a Theme - Pg. 366

Phase 4: Design the Menu Screen If your DVD menu system consists of only a single screen--the main menu you've been looking at the whole time--it takes on your chosen theme instantly. A movie you've exported from iMovie, however, probably has chapter markers in it, and therefore your movie probably has at least one additional menu screen: your scene-selection screen. It turns out that clicking a theme choice in the Customize drawer affects the current menu screen only. If you click, say, the Techno B&W theme on the main menu, your scene-selection screen remains unaffected; it still shows the yellow and brown Travel Cards theme. Therefore, follow up like this: 4.ChooseAdvancedApplyThemetoProject. This command applies the same theme to every screen. Now all of your menu screens look alike. Tip: If you want all of your menu screens to have the same look except for the main menu, frst use the Apply Theme to Project command described here. Then return to the main menu screen and click the theme thumbnail you want for it only. For example, you might apply Travel 2 to your entire project, and then choose Travel 1 for your main screen.