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Part Two: Editing in iMovie > Titles, Captions, and Credits - Pg. 191

superimpose it on moving video, choose a scene that's relatively still, so that the video doesn't distract the audience from the words onscreen. (The exception: If you're using one of iMovie's "see-through" lettering styles, you may want to choose active video to deliberately call attention to the "cutouts.") Be particularly careful not to superimpose your titles on an unsteady shot; the contrast between the jiggling picture and the rock-steady lettering on the screen will make your audience uncomfortable. Sometimes, such as when you've selected a title style that fades in from nothing, it's OK to put the title squarely at the beginning of a clip. At other times, you'll want to position the title a few seconds into the clip. 2.Ifyou'veselectedastartingpointforatitlethat'sinthemiddleoftheclip,position thePlayheadthereandthenchooseEditSplitVideoClipatPlayhead. It's a fact of iMovie life: A title can begin only at the beginning of a clip, never the middle. To make the title seem as though it's starting partway through a clip, therefore, you must turn that spot into the beginning of a new clip by chopping the clip in half. This is not the only time the title feature will be chopping your clips into smaller clips, as Figure 7-6 illustrates. Inserting and Rendering a Title