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Part Two: Editing in iMovie > Still Pictures and QuickTime Movies - Pg. 255

in titling feature. By using still images as your titles, you gain the freedom to use any colors, type sizes, and positions you want. The only disadvantage to this approach is that you sacrifce the professional-looking animation styles built into the iMovie titling feature. Even so, imported graphic title cards don't have to be still and static by any means. For one thing, there's nothing to stop you from animating your still-image titles by applying the Ken Burns effect to them--to make the title zoom in from nothing, for example, or slide from left to right. (Just remember to prepare the title as a graphi with high enough resolution for Ken Burns to work with.) Furthermore, consider the following title tricks. Still Images as Titles The Freeze-Frame Effect If you were a fan of 1970s action shows like Emergency!, you may remember how the opening credits looked: You'd be watching one of the starring characters frantically at work in some lifesaving situation. As she looked up from her work just for a moment, the picture would freeze, catching her by lucky happenstance at her most fattering angle. At that instant, you'd see her credit fashed onto the screen: "JULIE LONDON as Dixie McCall, RN." (Queer Eye for the Straight Guy does the same kind of thing.)